Personal biography

My name is Alvaro Martinez, known in cyberspace as DioxCorp.

I've been around technology and everything smelling digital since the day my father bought a Sinclair's ZX Spectrum 48k, when I was nothing but a welp that could only watch amazed an old B/W TV in our living room.

Some time later, our family bought a ZX Spectrum 128k +2 by Amstrad. (Goodbye, brave sir Clive) for my eldest brother. We also got an old portable color TV to use as a monitor and discover the wonders of the color-clash.

I have always had a wandering mind, no conforming with formalisms and the establishment. If something could be done better in a different way, I was the rebellous explorer trying to prove my vision. 99% of my memories are next to a screen, in some part of another of this proccess.

Professional profile

I am a student that usually does badly, but I have some gift for understanding things and their inter-relations in a special way. Therefore I have been an autodidact in all aspects of my life, usually by the simplest method of all: trial and error.

After many times without success at several diferent jobs, I endend on the world of photography as an afterthought of a ruinous business of serigraphy created years ago. But something that begun as an extra for big format printing awakened something inside me: a passion and a desire to play with the light and image that I had never felt before then. I had found my vocation.

A few years behind the camera later, I took formation at the now extinct "Laboratorio de imagen" (image lab) course of classic (analog) photography of public vocational training courses offered at my hometown. There, I learned to develop my own photos and negatives, and learned a lot about the theory of lighting and exposition that has been lost in the current digital world. The decission came through the difficulty to find the practical know-how or good-quality teaching material for free, specially in video form, despite the promising yet failed attempts at YouTube and other video platforms.